Q. What does organic and natural farming have to do with animals?

A. Nature's best formula for rich, nutrient filled soil is manure. Many animals produce manure which is a natural fertiliser for our orchards and vegetation. As they are left to graze, their manure is made up of organic matter which adds to our saying of bringing farming 'back to basics'.

Q. Why do you have fundraisers out in the evenings?

A. We have volunteers who are available after work hours, where they may have other commitments during the day. As we appreciate such dedication, we have allocated various positions where anyone and everyone can get involved; one being evening fundraising.

Q. How we do know when your volunteers are genuine?

A. They will all carry a photo identification which has been issued by our Head Office Administration team. On this photo identification, there will be a QR code which leads to their online profile with us. If the code does not work then this would mean that they are not a genuine member of our team. If the pin which they must also enter on the website does not allow them access, then this also means that they are not genuine. If the photo held on file does not match the file on their identifications, this will also mean they are not genuine. They can verify where they are meant to be working on the bottom of their portal page, as they will have registered with venues, as well as confirmed with our Fundraiser Manager who will have verified this before allowing it to be on their portal.

Q. How we do know where our donations are going?

A. We have a blog which will be updated regularly with progress of our projects. You will see much labour being dedicated as well as being able to track the timeline of our works.

Q. How do I know that the volunteers will bring back all of the money they collect?

A. All buckets issued by Head Office have one-time use only security tags. These have individual codes on which are monitored at every sign-in and sign-out. We take tampering of our property very seriously and any suspected criminal actions get reported to the police as soon as we are made aware of this. Any volunteer agreements are then terminated as of immediate effect.

Q. How do we report someone who is falsely representing your company?

A. You should collate as much evidence as you can, including photos or videos wherever possible. You should then get in touch with us using the form on our contact page, directly via e-mail at with the subject "REPORTING FRAUDULENT ACTIONS", or by calling our Head Office on 0843 849 8119; stating your concerns and following it up with any evidence. We take all accusations seriously and will then investigate these matters. Any reports found to be of strong accuracy will be reported to the police and criminals will be prosecuted.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to get in touch using our contact form here. We aim to respond within 24 hours to any questions.