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Updated: Jan 18, 2018

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Basics, Gavin Long

18/01/2018 - 13:17

Here in the UK, we are brought up in a society where flats are attractive. Apartments are appealing. The thought of maintaining a garden is too much to even consider. So we have a driveway, we minimalise the exercises we are meant to do. We have patio slabs in our back gardens so that we do not have to think about gardening, growing our own produce, having muddy footprints and clothes.

But that’s a problem, you see. Because as we are feeling like that, we don’t have time to sit and realise the greater problem behind it all. We haven’t stopped to think about how we are losing the skills to grow our own produce, the knowledge is no longer passed down from our elders, from us to our children, on how to survive by growing your own organic produce without the needs of chemicals. Chemicals such as pesticides and fungicides which fall into our water table and damage our soil ecology. The same chemicals which will deplete our land of vitamins and minerals for our children, and our grandchildren. And their children and so-on...

So Back to Basics, a charitable incorporated organisation wants to come in and help. We want to provide a space for us all to share our knowledge, our skills. Somewhere where we can all benefit from growing our own community food with honest, traditional methods. A place where we can discuss matters as a group, a community and share our concerns. Somewhere that conversations of progressive solutions can take place. But most of all, somewhere where solutions DO take place. Matters are heard and things are done about it.

It has been said that our soil only has 60 years left of vitamins and minerals

where our food can absorb from. So what will happen after those 60 years? Where will the correct amount of vitamins and minerals come from for our grandchildren?

Together, we can make a difference. Together, we can learn those skills again. It’s never too late.

Let’s take it Back to Basics.

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