We are going to set up our Headquarters to show you the small scale version of our overall plan. Here, we will host workshops and invite those with similar interests to come and share the views and knowledge and build our team up


Our permaculture design team have been working on how best to design the land which we have been working on, trying to revamp it up so that it can be more sustainable, and more suitable for the community. As soon as things have been set, then let's commence!


Underground farming in the UK is now a thing of the past, but did you know that you can utilise geothermal energy and grow fruits and vegetables which are more often found in tropical climates? We intend to trial this method, so that we can benefit from locally sourced exotic fruits and vegetables whilst reducing our carbon footprint


Modern day 'grafting' is a method that allows fruit and veg to be grown almost perpetually from without seed. However this also means that foods grown in this manner miss out on the level of nutrient absorption from seed growing. We will be teaching members of the community to grow from seed to plate again, so that we are well aware of our food sources