Locally sourced, ethically sourced, natural and organic products including vegan friendly products. Your everyday, alternative conveniences all in one place! Living healthier has just gotten easier!


An Ethical Shop like no other!


'Hiring' VIP Volunteers with learning disabilities, able-bodied elderly from senior citizen residential care homes and those with mild disabilities to give everyone an equal opportunity, 'working', becoming part of a team, feeling accomplished as well as developing essential social skills to be reminded that they are all valued members of our community!


Assisting local farmers reach a bigger outreach so that they can continue doing what they do best! Giving them more time to continue to grow and develop the skills of growing foods and passing the skills down through our community, without feeling the threat of competitive pricing.


Helping local and small innovated businesses have a bigger outreach; by giving them an outlet for their products and ideas, thus building a portfolio with them to platform from. Keeping the love and values behind the ideas alive!


All profits donated to Back to Basics CIO Charity who dreams of a goal of community farming, bringing together the community to learn a life skill, as well as using sustainable and permaculture methods of farming to efficiently grow produce which are not harmful to the Earth.


All products at Back to Basics Ethical Shop are sourced locally; so please expect seasonal grocers in store! Do also expect ethically sourced items with minimal chemicals, a pay-as-you-weigh section so that you can try something new without a huge cost if you decided that it wasn't for you. And also expect quirky, natural, organic and fair-trade found items that have a positive impact on society, one way or another!


We are very open to suggestions and ideas with regards to our stock so please feel free to pop in at anytime to suggest products!


We also offer a Seed-Bank incentive, whereby, if you buy fresh grocers from us, save the seeds which will be donated to local allotments to grow those produce again, and get 10p off your next shop! These seeds are very important to us and those we work with because they are of chemical-free and/or organic nature!

Our Story


Back to Basics Ethical Shop was set up because, having travelled in and out of rural surroundings and primarily purchasing from small businesses and local farmers, we realised that once we had gotten closer to the city, there wasn’t that same community feel here. The local farmers struggled with trying to make ends meet by constantly competing with prices offered at supermarkets. This was something we found within a 15 miles radius from where we resided so we became concerned about where the skills of growing your own were going, and would they would ever return? What would happen to those who have come up with great innovative creams and balms due to stumbling across a problem which we may all face, but may not all possess the skills to create something to combat it? How many individuals could their products help, who face similar struggles?


With this, we decided to set up the shop – Back to Basics Ethical Shop. On our journey of sourcing local produce, we came across many lovely people who seem to have similar issues of sourcing products with lack of chemicals. So, we’ve decided to source these products, which we would spend hours sourcing for our own personal needs, and give people the opportunity to try something different, yet keeping it affordable. We will strive to continue sourcing products which are your everyday essentials, yet without the chemicals, thus creating a sense of one-stop shop.


We also have stumbled across many who struggle with social isolation, in a growing world of technology. Those with learning difficulties struggle to gain work experience/work placements just to integrate in society, and those who are ‘passed their time’ and now reside in care homes with minimal visits are struggling to access particular parts of their memories due to lack of stimulation. So geared with this problem, we would like to offer VIP volunteers who qualify with the above criteria to attend and volunteer some time at our shop – which could be as small as an hour a month – with a carer/family member to become part of our team. In return, we would offer character references, placement options to specialist schools and a certification of Thank You. A certification ceremony would be held once per season, to celebrate the seasonal changes as well as those VIP volunteers, who gave up their time to come and assist with the shop. These ceremonies would be invitation only, for those who have volunteered their time to become part of our team, our family.


Keep your eyes peeled as we continue to update you with our humble beginnings!


Story to be continued...!

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"To plant a seed is to plant a future."

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