At Back to Basics Ethical Shop, we are ethical from head to toe. The shop has been upcycled, giving products a secondary life, and the products are all single-handedly sourced through hard work and effort, to ensure you get the least harmful ingredients in your everyday essentials!

To continue our Ethical ways, we looked at those who suffer from social isolation, and wondered if Equal Opportunities really means equal opportunities.

So we have decided to do VIP invites to those who are more likely to suffer from social isolation. Those who reside in senior citizen care homes and may have infrequent visits, if any at all. Those who study at specialist colleges who may struggle for work placements, thus becoming an obstacle to progress further in life. Those in independent living, but not being able to feel independent due to not having the same opportunities as those who are on their path to becoming independent.

We don't think it's fair. Therefore, we invite those mentioned above to come with a family member, a friend or a carer and become part of our team. Come and 'work' with us for an hour - or more - a week and know that you are truly the valued ones within our community who possess more than enough skills and abilities to show people what they are missing out on when they exclude you. We welcome you and your thoughts, your laughter and your determination to change the views that people may have and start to realise just what a treasure each and every one of us truly are!

Please fill the form in below if you are interested in being a VIP Volunteer with us :) - if you've not received an invite already!

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"To plant a seed is to plant a future."

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