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At Back to Basics, we're a collective of individuals united by a shared concern for the direction of our world. In today's fast-paced society, we've noticed a concerning trend: essential skills like cooking, building, farming, and repairing are fading into obscurity. These were once passed down through generations, but now, many lack them, leaving a gap that could disadvantage future generations.

We've become accustomed to instant gratification, from fast food to prefab houses, sacrificing quality and sustainability in the process. Our disconnect from the natural rhythms of the earth has led to factory-made, chemical-laden food that compromises our health and immune systems. It's time for a change, starting with small steps today to secure a better future for our children and grandchildren.

Our charitable aims are clear: to support those in need in Sandwell and the UK, regardless of age, health, or financial circumstances. We'll provide opportunities to learn essential skills, particularly effective farming techniques, through workshops, events, and grants.

Everyone deserves the chance to grow their own food sustainably, have a local food source and access to practical, hands-on education which is why we're committed to reclaiming land for communal use. Through workshops, family events, school trips, and programs for care home residents, we'll create spaces for learning and activity.

Our focus is on organic farming, as it aligns with our values of sustainability and health. From making natural plant feed to seed banking, we'll cover a range of techniques to empower individuals to cultivate their own food and nurture the earth.


Join us in rediscovering the joy and importance of going back to basics.

Back to Basics CIO is a charity registered in England and Wales with the charity commissions. Our registration number is 1176426.


At Back to Basics, we're on a mission to empower individuals and communities through hands-on learning and sustainable practices. Here's a glimpse into what we do:

  1. Skills Workshops: We host interactive workshops where participants can learn essential skills like cooking, building, farming, and repair work. Our qualified instructors and community members share knowledge and expertise in a supportive environment.

  2. Family Events: We believe in learning through play, which is why we organise fun-filled family events on weekends. These events provide opportunities for families to bond while learning about sustainable living practices in a playful manner.

  3. Educational Trips: Schools are invited to join us for educational day trips to our facilities. Students get hands-on experience in practical farming techniques and gain a deeper understanding of where their food comes from.

  4. Community Outreach: We extend our programmes to residential care homes, offering residents a chance to reconnect with nature and engage in active lifestyles. Through gardening and other activities, we promote physical and mental well-being among older adults.

  5. Organic Farming Initiatives: Central to our mission is promoting organic farming methods that are gentle on the earth and beneficial to our health. From making natural plant feed to exploring innovative techniques like aquaponics, we're dedicated to sustainable agriculture.

  6. Land Repurposing: We reclaim unused land to create communal spaces for farming and educational activities. These spaces serve as hubs for learning, collaboration, and reconnecting with nature.

  7. Skill Sharing: Through seed banking, companion planting, and other initiatives, we foster a culture of skill sharing and community resilience. We believe that everyone has something valuable to contribute and learn from each other.


Join us on our journey to rediscover the joy of going back to basics and building a healthier, more sustainable future for all.

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