Why Organic?

Organic to many, means either: Non-Genetically Modified seeds, Grown on Organic soil, Grown without pesticides/herbicides, Grown without chemicals and fertilizers, or Grown in natural light. But to us, Organic means all of that! Read more...

Heard about Permaculture?

They say that the natural way is the best way, do you agree? With following Permaculture designs, we use all natural resources to compliment each other, just as nature intended it. Have you noticed that if there is a problem with nature, nature creates a solution? Follow our blog to read more...


Companion and Succession Planting
Did you know that Cucumbers grow best by Sunflowers? This is because they do not fight over the same nutrients which results in cucumbers retaining their natural sweetness. A sweetness we're not familiar with because it gets lost in large-scale, corporate farming because they fight for same nutrients being lined in rows and rows. Read more at our Blog...


Back to Basics is founded by a group of us with similar concerns about this growing society. We have noticed a huge change in mental and physical states of fellow beings, in comparison to when we were growing up. Basic skills such as growing your own food, cooking your own meals and even time management skills are totally lost. With the help from you all, we want to change that by offering workshops, places to have practical hands-on experience with a team of patient life-teachers who care about who you are growing to be. No limits on age, because we DO believe that 'old dogs' can learn 'new tricks'! Let's bring back tradition to this modern day and invest in each other.

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"To plant a seed is to plant a future."

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